Collection of Profound Poems
Boyang Zhao
Free verse
Assembled on July 17, 2008

Light and Darkness

Brilliant, clear
Illuminating, scintillating, sparkling
Rays, white, black, shadow
Troubling, persisting, mystifying
Dark, dim

To Achieve Harmony¡­

Friendship is wonder
Hatred is a detriment
Love is a treasure

Thinking is a privilege.
How some do not realize that
Ought to be an unimaginable concept.
Uttering fragments and writing meaningless prose,
Great deals of people waste away their privilege,
Hoping to rely on sheer luck.
Truly, people have wasted thoughts.

Ode to Lost Memories

No one has seen the rain in my hair.
No one has known the turmoil I must bear.
As I wander amidst the children carelessly racing around,
Am I the only one who curses the Earth to which I am bound?
Alone in the storm I must face,
Fighting nature¡¯s bitter embrace,
I forlornly recall the role I have sadly deserted,
The joyful moments to which I wish I had reverted.
I must abandon my friends, my surrounding, and my cheerful air,
To take on middle age with debonair, and struggle against despair.

Life is exceedingly difficult
Death is just as difficult
Time slowly wastes away
Waste is gradually built by time
We live in endless controversy
And controversy dwells in our lives
But we should not be bothered by our confusion

¡°Seize the present moment¡±

We are not to follow the course of life
Life is to follow the paths we chose
Perhaps my poems have no meaning
But then again, perhaps nothing has a meaning
We simply must live with our choices,
As well as the benefits, and consequences that come with them.