Why school is important?
Alicai Gao, Secondary I, 2011.3 Elite College English Class 7

I think that school is important because it makes life easier. For example, you go to the United States and you do not know how to read or writeor to count. It would not be fun! School is important, it makes you less stupid. You can have a better future and a better career. Maybe school is boring, but it is really important. Our parents pay to make us go to school because they do it for our own good. They also make us go to school because they want us to learn more. Most of the parents who send their kids to school on Week-ends are Asians. Also, school is important because you can be easily married, you can take care of yourself and you can earn more money to raise your child and yourself. You can not be easily fooled if you are smart. There are places that are not rich enough to go to school. So tell yourself that you are lucky to go to school.