Great Expectations
Guoyue Xu 2011.8

¡¡¡°We doctors have been talking this medicine stuff into the people until they believe it,¡± Doctor Schweningen. Doctors, medicine and medical treatments have made important contributions to human civilization for thousands of years now. The discoveries of the past are what have shaped today¡¯s medical treatments and the understanding of life science. Doctors have played a major role in human developments in the past and are continuing to do so today.

The world of science and medicine has always interested me. It is one of the major factors contributing to why I would like to go down the road of life science and continue my education in medical school. All my life I have been fascinated with the world of medicine and how doctors treat patients. I used to think that doctors could automatically tell what disease you have and know how to treat it. As a kid the thought of this always left me speechless. I loved how doctors can impact someone¡¯s life so greatly; it awed, inspired and fascinated me. I have continued to see the changes that they make in people¡¯s lives. Every time I have witnessed this, it has astounded me even further. The effect a doctor can have on his or her community has inspired me to pursue the study of life sciences and enter the medical world. There are many viruses and diseases that people are forced to battle every single day. None of them are a greater murderer to human beings than cancer. Cancer is one of the highest causes of death around the world and is a heavy and sad burden on humanity. The impact cancer can have on people has inspired me to want to become a pediatric oncologist. It is a job that would require me to be a specialist when it comes to diagnosing and treating children with cancer. Everyone is to be affected by cancer at some point in their lives, whether it is directly or indirectly. I detest the idea that children should have to deal with something so cruel and life changing at such an early period in their life. It is cruel to have them suffer and face something as dangerous and painful as cancer at such a vulnerable age. I want to be able to try and change their lives and their family¡¯s lives for the better. Every child should have equal opportunities growing up, and their lives should be filled with love and joy. They should all be able to see the wonders of Earth, experience the happiness of life and see what life is really about as they grow older. I have always enjoyed working with children but I understand that they do not all have equal opportunities due to their health. Because of this I would like to be a pediatric oncologist in order to positively impact their lives.

Twenty years after 2011, I imagine myself being successful by my own definition of the word; happy, having a stable good job that I enjoy and raising a family. I do not specifically know what job I would like to have in the future. It might turn out to be pediatric oncologist or it could end up being any type of specialist in the medical field. But I can definitely see myself working and enjoying my job. No matter when in my future happiness is something I can picture myself having. Twenty years from now I see myself enjoying life, living every moment to its furthest and trying my best to positively impact as many lives as possible.