My three wishes: peace, work and love
Fiona Ly 2011.8

When I was small, I have watched a movie called Cinderella and many of her wishes were granted. Since the first time that I have seen the movie, I have made three wishes hoping that they would come true.

First of all, I wish for peace in the world because I dont like to see people losing their life during wars. I also chose peace because people wont have to risk their life for our freedom. Even though freedom is a priceless power. We can find an afternatile way to obtain it.

Second of all, I wish to get a good job because I spend more time with my family. I wish for this because my mother works for a variety store since I was a toddler and she doesnt have time to play with me. Sometimes, it makes me feel sad and angry. Therefore, in the future, I will find a good profession, so that my children wont feel the same way.

Third of all, I desire to receive love and to give love as well. What can be more important than to be affectionate towards one another? Life is short and theres no time to hate people, so for the obvious, love is a huge impact for family and friend.

All in all, my wishes can be summarized in three words: peace, work and love. Those are three simple terms, but sometimes so hard to attain. Therefore I will work my best to make them come true.