There¡¯s a will, there¡¯s a way
Yang Fan Zhao 2011.8

We all have dreams when we were young. Whether it was to be a painter or a firefighter we were small, naive. But now that we¡¯re introduced to all kinds of jobs, we find out what we really want to be. When I was small, my dream was to either become a painter or a teacher. Well, I outgrew that. I was downright awful with drawing for I lack imagination and I don¡¯t have the patience with kids required to be a teacher.

In third grade, when we were learning arammar, I was struck with a wonderful and somewhat weird idea for my age. I tried to write a book. Well, yeah, I failed miserably buy I was stuck with the ¡°writing books¡± thought. And I tried, and tried. I read lots of books, learned writing styles, vocabulary, humour, and ways of talking. I learned the ¡°old¡± way of speaking. I made many attempts, but I always failed. Yet, I always continue, I just can¡¯t stop. I have this gut feeling. It just won¡¯t let me give up. There¡¯s one thing I¡¯m sure about when I grow up. I will be an author.

My mother dream came to me when I was reading a book about cats. There was this medicine cat, he¡¯s like the doctor, and he used all kinds of herbs. So I was attracted to herbs. And I think of becoming a doctor. Studying plants, helping and encouraging others. I became gradually more firm and passionate about it. I know studying to be a doctor is long, hard, demand lots of money, and most of the students fail. But I¡¯m up to the challenge. Because helping people was always my biggest wish.

I was always a bit of a loner. So I definitely don¡¯t plan on getting married. I also don¡¯t like the idea of being rich, for I was never ambitious.

To summarize it all up, here¡¯s how I think my life will be when I¡¯m 25-30 years old.

I will have a comfortable house, not too small, not a mansion either. I will have a dog, and I live with my parents and maybe my sister. I will have a steady job as a doctor but will also write books when I have free time. I will give away my extra money to charities. I don¡¯t want to be famous. All in all, I want a peaceful, relaxing, comfortable life.

I know, the path to my dream is clogged with challenges. But I will face them, each of them, with my determination set up. I will push pass them. I know I will. I will achieve my dream. I have to, for I know I won¡¯t be happy any way else.


When there¡¯s a will, there¡¯s a way.