Enjoyable Elite summer camp
Yi Xin Cao 2011.8

How did you like your experience at Elite summer camp?

There are many reasons why I enjoyed being at Elite summer camp. I didní»t expect having to do homework, but that was one of the only bad things about the summer camp.

In fact, I totally enjoyed being camp and learning at the same time. We worked really hand in class so we were really glad when break time came. Speaking of break time, lunchtime at the cafeteria is awesome, too. Everythingí»s organised so that we can just get our lunch and start eating. I also like the fact that we learn daily with people as advanced as us in French and in mathematics.

All that to say that I was honoured to be spending my summer at Elite. My legs hurt for a few days after the kung-fu lessons, but nothingí»s perfect in life!