Three Wishes
Jasmine Gong 2011.8

Have you ever thought of what you would wish for if you had three wishes? If you had three wishes, would you wish to have an airplane or jet of your own or would you rather wish for the pollution to end on planet Earth? Would you rather make something your own or lend the planet a hand? Here is what I would do.

With my first wish I would like to wish for the world to be in peace. I want the world to stop the fighting. I do not want peoples blood to spill. It is not worth it. Other people might call it a sacrifice for the country or something like that, but think of their family members. Think of the ones who loved the people who were killed at war. They would regret ever letting that person ever joining the army. They would regret it all their life. My teacher once told me, In a war, there are no winners or losers. There are only two losers. The only difference is that one loses more than the other. I think she is perfectly right. In a war, people die on both sides even if one side gets advantaged on the other side for winning the battle and because of the defeat, the other team will lose a right or maybe something even more precious.

As for my second wish, I wish for the world to be safer. I wish that someone would invent an anti-gravity car that has a solar panel on top of it so that it would run on the suns energy. The anti-gravity car would have to be a meter off the ground. It would also have rubber on its four sides so that they would not hit each other. They would simply bounce off. That way, less people would die from car accidents. Since its a meter away from the ground, they wouldnt get hit and they could just pass right under it. People could save money on the gas they had to pay for their car, since it is powered by the sun, and also not die from being hit by other cars because with the rubber on the four sides, both cars would just bounce right off. Safer and economic isnt it?

Finally, for the last wish, I wish for no more pollution. Pollution has always been a big problem on this planet. But if every one just helped out a little bit, then together, we can make pollution disappear little by little. We can all say no to global warming. By saying no to global warming, we can save homes of animals in colder regions of the planet.

Here are the three things I would wish for if I had three wishes. Im sure that you would agree with them. They are three things that I think would help the world. What about you? What would you wish for?