Experience at Camp ¨¦lite
Sesha Maakheru 2011.8

I found my experience at Camp ¨¦lite most profitable in helping past my entrance exams, improving my math and many other things that needed much progress. I started Camp ¨¦lite with poor confidence in myself, I was weak and lacking of many things, but with the help of the director Mr. Bradley who kindly welcomed with open arms and my parents who strived to pay me this wonderful program. I am truly grateful. Camp ¨¦lite is a camp or school that helps their students in becoming better at what they do, but also in building up good work and study tactics to succeed in life. I think that if one had to describe Camp ¨¦lite in one word, I would not be able to, because there is so many qualities to it that meets the eye. Camp ¨¦lite is truly a prominent part of my life that I can never forget.