If I were¡­Genius
(Concours litt¨¦raire ¨¦lite: in English)
Yisen Wang Íõһɭ 13Ëê 2012 Elite Camp E90°à

¡¡¡¡Ever since I was a child, I had been frustrated with my level of intelligence. Attempting to learn anything was an arduous task, and in the subject of math, it would sometimes take me hours of studying to understand a concept. I felt insignificant compared to the great geniuses of history, people such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein. They were far more intelligent than I was and it seemed as if they could do anything and solve any problem. Some days, I would wonder how it would be like to be able to understand anything taught to me, to be able to master any concept in any subject. I wanted to be like these people, to be as intelligent as them. I wanted to be a person who could answer any question asked to me, a person who had an explanation for anything and everything. Sometimes I would think about what I would do if I were a genius, what my goals would be. I later realized that if I had been born a genius, I would have tried to master as many languages as I could. I would have attempted to deepen my understanding of the many school subjects that I had trouble with as a child. Most importantly however, I would have helped as many people as I could with my knowledge.

¡¡¡¡Communications is becoming increasingly important in modern day society. Especially in the job seeking world, those who are multilingual are preferred over those who are only monolingual. By mastering a great number of languages, not only will I be able to communicate with more people than ever before, my opportunities in the business world will increase, as will my chances of success in it. Business however, is not the only thing that multilingualism is important to. Much of a person¡¯s day is dictated by the language he speaks. Language has some glaringly obvious barriers however. Once a person travels out of his country, more often than not he will be thrust into an environment where the majority of the population speaks in a different tongue. By mastering as many languages as I can, it will be easier for me to navigate in a foreign country. It is not necessary, however, to master every language in the universe to be able to live in the majority of countries in this world. There are some languages that are commonly used in many different countries. Languages such as English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin are used all over the world. Simply mastering English will give you the tools to travel to at least 50 different countries. French gives one access to more than 30 countries, and Spanish more than 20. Mandarin is the most commonly spoken language, with about 850 million native speakers and around 1025 million total speakers worldwide. By mastering many of the more commonly spoken languages I would be able to navigate through the majority of the countries in the world.

¡¡¡¡For one to succeed later in life, one must first succeed in school. From elementary to middle to high schools, the public school system was designed to educate children so they could succeed later in life. In school, there are a few mandatory subjects, subjects such as History, Math, Language Arts (English, French, or both), and Science (Biology, Physics etc.). When a person applies for a college, his grades will be examined by it. If he had done well in school, his chances of entering the college of his choice are raised. If I were a genius, I would have done everything I could to master all of these subjects. I would have studied so as to make my grades in all of these topics perfect scores. In order to achieve this goal, I would have to deepen my knowledge and understanding of these topics. By deepening my knowledge of all my school subjects and getting perfect marks on them, my chances of entering a good college would be raised as well. School, does not educate a person solely for college however. It prepares a person for the trials he will face later on in life. It was designed to help a person succeed and thrive when the time came for him to be independent and self reliant. Therefore, if I master everything that is taught to me at school, not only will my chances of entering the college of my choice be raised, my chances of surviving in the real world will be raised as well.

¡¡¡¡No matter how knowledgeable a person may be, in the end the knowledge is rendered useless if it is not applied in some way. The great amount of knowledge that I would have acquired would have helped me a great deal in both my daily life and future. I believe that the best way to have used my knowledge would have been to help as many people as I could with it. Philanthropists donate huge amounts of money to charities, and can do so mainly because they are successful at their jobs and businesses. As a genius I would be able to, with my knowledge and intelligence, easily establish a high earning business. Like those philanthropists, I would be able to donate money to charities and good will organizations. In addition donating money, I would be able to fund and conduct research on anything I felt would help make life easier for the general populace. If I were successful I would be able to help solve many of the problems that plague this world today. I would be able to think up of an answer to problems such as global warming, deforestation, and loss of wildlife habitat, or at least fund research to solving it. As long as I was successful in life, I would be able to do almost anything I wanted, whether it was funding research on new electronics, donating money to charities, funding environmental protection research, or anything else that somehow helped humanity.

¡¡¡¡Being a genius was one of the things I had wanted most when I was a child. If I had been born one, I reasoned, I would be smart enough to achieve anything, to find an answer to any question. I wondered about all the things I could and would do if was a genius. I believed that I could master hundreds of languages and travel the world using every one of them. I felt that I could learn everything there was to learn, whether it was quantum physics, calculus, or the complete history of Rome. My childhood dream of being the smartest person in school, the boy who had never made a mistake on a single test, would no longer be so farfetched. Most importantly, I wanted to help others with my knowledge. I wished to solve all the problems the world is facing with now. If I were a genius, I would have put my greatest effort into doing these things. I would have become multilingual, come out at the top at my school, and help those around me as much as I could.