¡°A piece in their game¡±
(Concours litt¨¦raire ¨¦lite: in English)

David Yang Ñîά¿µ 13Ëê 2012 Elite Camp C110°à

¡¡¡¡War, war, war, always war. Have we had enough? No! Never, as greediness controls man, war never trying to destroy the entire human race. But who does it benefit? The people? The government? World? No one, as Suzanne Collins described in her book series: ¡°The hunger games¡±. After reading the entire series, I fully understood the true meanings of war meaningless, with people always being a piece in the chess board of war, as greedy governments place their pieces and played them (or us) with their fingertips.

¡¡¡¡As this is the very nature of human kind, war is always there. In the books, Katniss, a girl of 17, lives hundreds years later in North America where nuclear wars destroyed everything, leaving them a cruel capitol In which every year 12 boys and girls will enter a cruel game to kill each other as the capitol broadcast the scenes. Unfortunately, Katniss was chosen 2 times but manged to win the first, and escaped the second; Shorty, she became a rebel spiritual leader. But in the end, she became too confused of ¡°the war game¡± and the rebel president instead of the capitol president. But she lives on.

¡¡¡¡Yes, war is cruel and unnecessary as the first war ever recorded dates back in 2700 BC in the Bronze Age and in the Middle East.

¡¡¡¡But why we fought wars? Well, war has been used for thousands of years for achieving a certain goal though force, mainly for money, treasury, land or power. It is for pure greediness as the sentence in ¡®¡¯ the hunger games¡¯¡¯ wrote: ¡®¡¯I¡¯m going to prove to them that I am mere than a piece in their game.¡¯¡¯ describing people being played around. But we done need war neither do we want it. No one deserved to be played as a piece of the ¡®¡¯war game¡¯¡¯. But it all of us are friendly with each other that we aren¡¯t blinded by power or money everything could be discussed in peace. If all human race can do this, this will announce the death of war.

¡¡¡¡In the book ¡°Mockingjay¡¯¡¯ of the serie, the two leaders both died, the capital president and the rebel president because of the war, which strongly supports the feeling Suzanne felt towards war, that war benefits no one, not even the controllers. Suzanne Collins sturdily declared her point of stopping wars to us through every single line in her serie. To stop the unnecessary and stand by, watching the games, but not playing nor played by.

¡¡¡¡But in my point of view, the author, Suzanne Collins also wanted to tell us another truth, that is, the world might be full of darkness, of pain, of losses and of sadness. But we can search for light in darkness, search for laughs when in pain, search for things we still have in grief of losses and search for happiness when sad. In the book, the evil nearly destroyed everything of Katniss, but, without knowing, Katniss searches for something new and good whenever the feet of evil steps on a good thing when they took good memories from her, she searched for love, when they took her loved one, she searched for her singing voice Suzanne Collins suggests us to be people who could find happiness even their lives are in pain and no matter what happens, never think of what you¡¯ve lost, but what you still have.

¡¡¡¡That¡¯s what I¡¯ve understood after reading these books, that wars benefits nothing, but don¡¯t used as a piece in their games, be the one who¡¯s watching the moves. Ans also, when in pain, try to count things you have left, not those you¡¯ve lost, find happiness! Understanding the war better will lead you better to understand the chaos now itself.