A good experience
(Concours littraire lite: in English)

Yi Hui Luo Ȼ 13 2012 Elite Camp E103

A nice summer day, with sunshine and blue sky, just warm enough, we had a barbecue activity.

It was Friday July 20th, so we didnt have any classes in the afternoon. The food weve been offered was so good.

In this text, I would like to share this nice experience with you.

We had a barbecue lunch, offered by the teachers of Elite College. There was a vast choice of food. There were hot dogs, dumplings, chips, cake and juice.

My friends and I ate on a stone table outside, with the warmness of the sun and the shade of a sun umbrella. The food was delicious and it was relaxing there. We had a good time eating. We each had a plateful of food, but we could go and get some more when we finished eating. I took a third hot dog.

As it was a class-free afternoon, you probably guess what I did afterwards. Yes, I went to play Ping-Pong.

This was a delicious lunch that I wont forget. I really enjoyed that experience.

In this text, Ive shared this marvelous experience with you.

If you were here at the barbecue activity, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If there were other activities like this at Elite College. I hope I wont miss it!