If I Were Left Only Three Days To See
(weekend English classes writings, 2013.2 Elite College)

Yulen Shen, 12 years old, class7, teacher: Madam Wang Li

If I were left only three days to see, I would want to watch the majestic sunrise and the beautiful moon. I would want to see how the day becomes night and the night becomes day. I would also want to see how the fireworks appear during the night, how the butterflies fly in the sky and how the leaves of the trees move with the gentle breeze. What I would want to do most is to visit Paris because everyone says that it is a very beautiful city.

In Paris, I would want to see how the French people laugh, sing, and dance. I would want to see the Eiffel tower and all the lovely museums. I would want to go by the river and watch how peacefully the water flows.

When I did become blind, I would think about all the wonderful time I had spent with sight. I would probably come to realize how amazing sight was and inspire people to appreciate it.