Sponsorship — Elite College's 10th Anniversary


The Right Honourable Stephen Harper - Prime Minister of Canada: Certificate
Ms Zhao Jiangping - Consul general of the People's Republic of China in Montreal: Letter
Mr Justin Trudeau - Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada: Letter
Mr Philippe Couillard - Prime Minister of Quebec: Letter


Name Contact Sponsorship
Seven Days Newspaper
Éventuel Newspaper
Health Times Newspaper

Seven Days - email: ads7days@gmail.com, tel: 514-861-6319

Éventuel - email: greader.ca@gmail.com, tel: 514-393-8988

Health Times - email: alwateinc@hotmail.com, tel: 514-241-8515

Writing, Photography, and Arts Competitions
Fujian Association Quebec Fujian Association President: Mr. Wang Baomeng. Honorary Presidents: Mr. Zheng Yonggang, Mr. Liu Shengsheng, Mr. Huang Xing. Vice-Presidents: Mr. Luo Haosheng, Mr. Jiang Liping, Mr. Lin Ni, Mr. Zhang Qiang, Mr. Xie Wencheng, Ms. Chen Yanjiang
Tel: 514-629-7988, email: INFO@FJQC.CA
Elite College has excellent students from Fujian, their success gives pride to Elite College!
10th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Ms. Lin Mei Boutique Lazy RaRa (office supplies), Swatown Mall 2nd floor 10th Anniversary Celebrations
Ms. Tang Wei Qing Ms. Tang Wei Qing is a reputed real estate agent in Montreal, who has helped Elite procure dormitories for international students.
Email: weiqingtang@yahoo.com, tel: 514-962-5848
10th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Kam Fung Restaurant Tel: 514-878-2888
Address: 1111 St-Urbain #M05, Montreal, QC, H2Z 1Y6
10th Anniversary Celebrations
CHEMIN DE MODA Inc. Women's Fashion Store. All articles from top designers.
Tel: (438) 382-1896          Website
Address: Place Versailles, 7275 Sherbrooke est, Montreal, Qc, H1N1E9
10th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Ms. Zhao Yinghua Mortgage specialist at BMO
Tel: 514-209-8868, email: bmozhao@hotmail.com
Ms. Xu Renyu Award winning financial consultant
Tel: 514-561-1049, email: ren.yu.xu@sunlife.com
Maison Shing Do Chinese, Szechuan and Thai cuisine.
Tel: 514-855-1388, address: 910 boul Décarie, St-Laurent, Qc. H4L 3M4
Mr. Xie Zhenyuan Financial advisor: Life, health & travel insurance, pension funds, education funds, tax exemptions, corporate risk management, and more...
Tel: 514-608-0258, email: frankxzy@hotmail.com
10th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Mr. Robert Ye Chartered Investment Manager: Assets and risk management. Individual and group insurance, life insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, RESP, TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, Annuity, GIC, Family and/or corporate financial planning, etc.
Tel: 514-578-5308, email: robert.ye@sunlife.com
10th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Guang Xin Garage - Auto Repair Shop 20 years of experience in auto repair. Maintenance: engines, brakes, steering, chassis, suspension, electrical systems; safety inspection, tire replacement, rust.
Tel: 514-678-0950, 438-877-2612c
Address: 1131 rue Hickson, Verdun, Montreal, QC, H4G 2L3
BMO Harris Private Banking BMO Harris Private Banking is a leader in providing integrated services to Canada's affluent families at all stages of their lives. The successful management of wealth requires a coordinated approach by a team of experienced professionals. We offer a comprehensive range of wealth management strategies and solutions covering the disciplines of banking, investment management, estate & trust and wealth planning.
Tel: 514-243-0511, email: andrew.fang@bmo.com, Website
10th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Holiday Inn Select Holiday Inn Select Downtown - the only Asian inspired hotel in Montreal
Visit our fine Feng Shui establishment known for the best Dim Sums at Chez Chine Restaurant and for its perfect location just next to the Montreal Convention Center. You will be amazed by our unique decor and our interior pond with real fish and fountain.
Tel: 514-878-9888 (Hotel Reservation), 514-878-4018 (Restaurant) Website
10th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Phoenix School of Arts Phoenix School of Arts is the city's largest Chinese arts school, with a strong faculty, committed to training future performing artists. Phoenix School of Arts students receive an integrated approach to the arts. Tel: 514-575-7674 / 438-878-8584, email: huayunt@hotmail.com,  website 10th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Triple-A Tennis Tennis classes at Triple-A combine the North American teaching standards of the USTA and Tennis Canada, along with many years of coaching experience. They emphasize on fun exercises and build a solid technical base for students, laying a strong foundation for further training. In five years, Triple-A Tennis has brought up countless players and received praise from students and parents. Tel: 514-928-3933, email: abiliu@hotmail.com 10th Anniversary Celebrations
Jill Arts Studio Jill's graphic art course provides an opportunity for children who love art. Whilst teaching the students basic arts skills, Jill Studio classes also stimulate their creativity. The final project can be 2D or three-dimensional. Tel: 514-561-0952, email: guojie001@gmail.com 10th Anniversary Celebrations
Service à la famille chinoise du Grand Montréal

Centre Sino-Québec Rive-Sud
Le Service à la famille chinoise du Grand Montréal (Chinese family services of Greater Montreal) is an organization which has grown thanks to its devotion and its commitment to the search for solutions to the various problems identified in the community.
Tel: 514-861-5244, website

Le Centre Sino-Québec de la Rive-Sud (South Shore Sino-Quebec) is a community organization whose mission consists of promoting the well-being of members of the Chinese and other Asian communities, by offering services and programs, and by developing resources suited to their integration and growth in Quebecois society. Services: Welcome team, Francization, Volunteer recruitment, Parent and School, Foster land of opportunity, Pathology game, Social and health services.
Tel: 450-445-6666, website
10th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Hong Rui Moving Company Hong Rui's moving company has long been working with Déménagement Thériault, one of the largest in Montreal. Equipped with nearly twenty 6 to 10-meter trucks, as well as a professional moving team, reliable equipment and excellent service, we have always been the choice of Montreal's most successful and affluent. We currently only deal with large moving jobs and commercial transportation.
Tel: 514-998-7567, 514-800-0999, email: 809hong@gmail.com
10th Anniversary Commemorative Album
The Chinese Business Association in Quebec This Quebec commerce association is a non-profit organization, founded to help bridge Quebec and Chinese entrepreneurs. It also serves to build a network of businesspeople.
Tel: 514-652-0799, email: yanjiang04@hotmail.com
10th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Bao Guo Music Studio Main courses: piano, singing, music theory, pop music piano improv.
Piano: taught by teachers from the Royal Conservatory of Music and from the piano department of the Chinese Conservatory of music, with tutoring by graduate students.
Vocals: taught by members of the vocal ensemble of The Sound of Music and renowned vocal teachers from Montreal.
Tel: 514-266-0889, email: xiaotinglin2013@gmail.com
10th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Jia Yue Accounting Firm Recognized CGA-Quebec (Certified General Accountant). Services: business registration, brainstorming and bookkeeping, financial statement analysis, corporate/personal tax planning, professional accounting advice, overseas assets declaration, and more.
Tel: 514-652-0866, email: jyacountax@gmail.com
10th Anniversary Commemorative Album

As a sponsor of Elite College's 10th Anniversary celebrations, you and your organization have the chance to advertise on relevant media (in addition to the sponsorship perks related to each event):

The official website of Elite College — 10th anniversary Sponsorship page (long-term) The official website of Elite College has Chinese, English and French versions, which contain lots of educational information and news. The website has a large number of visitors, including adults, students and parents of Chinese or other communities, as well as visitors from China.
News and advertisement emails from Elite College We have nearly 10,000 former and current students and we send them news and advertisements periodically.
Advertising to the students of the Adult Training Center and the members of Elite College's Entrepreneurship Club We have the email addresses of over 1000 trainees and members and we send them news and advertisements periodically.
Elite College's Forums on other media Such as Sina blog, Sina Weibo, QQ space, Facebook, Youtube, Wechat, Twitter and so on.
Certain websites on which Elite College posts its information Such as IASK, Eighth League, SinoQuebec, MTL163, Aimengcheng, and so on.
Newspapers Throughout the progress of each 10th anniversary event, we will publish ads, articles and reports in Chinese newspapers and other media.
Publicity on-site at each event At each event site, sponsors can distribute promotional materials and pamphlets