Elite Club
2014 Public Lecture Series

Professionals, organizations and successful entrepreneurs
invited for a series of special talks

Location Speaker Topics When Abstract Report
South Shore campus
(École Mgr. A. M. Parent)
Dr. Gordon BRABANT Breast Cancer

Tel: 514-344-2000
(Ms. Lv Ying)
May 24,
9:30 am - 11:00 am
Breast cancer - causes, prevention, detection and treatment (Chinese translator on-site)
Lecture attendees can get priority to receive one breast exam


Health Times, Éventuel and Chinese Press newspapers covered the lecture
St-Laurent campus

625 Ste-Croix, #A213,
St-Laurent, QC, H4L 3X7
May 25,
9:30 am - 11:00 am
Ms. ZHAO Yinghua BMO Real Estate and Business Loans

Tel: 514-209-8868

June 21,
2 - 3 pm

Business class students who have received a letter for Loan and Bursary will learn how to open a file at the bank, how to pay back the loan, and more. Real estate and business loans will be covered in detail, including interest rates and their effect on prices.

Ms. XU Renyu Critical Illness Insurance

Tel: 514-561-1049

1. Canada's Health Care System
2. The welfare of Canadians
3. Critical Illness Insurance details
4. The world's best medical services

Mr. Robert YE Investments and Taxes

Tel: 514-578-5308

1. Investing in various funds
2. Return and taxes on property investments
3. Assets management and inheritance
4. Maximizing assets and minimizing taxes

Prof. BAI Cosmetology & Career Opportunities

Tel: 438-870-0699
Early August 1. Basic dermatology
2. Skin care procedures and techniques
3. Introduction to their company
4. Brand product trial
5. Career opportunities


2014 Public Lectures — Invitation to Speakers

Dear Sir or Madam:

We would first like to wish you and your loved ones good health and happiness, and to wish you success and prosperity in all your endeavours!

Elite Club uses Elite College's powerful platform for the dissemination of information (see table below), and it possesses a large network of connections, so it can help people broaden their horizons and open their minds to new ideas. Elite Club provides information for work, daily life, education, finances, and more, to the public, to students of the Elite Adult Professional Training Center and to students and parents of Elite's Tutoring School. It offers a forum of exchange for new and old immigrants. Elite Club is a non-profit organization.

As one of Elite Club's recurring activities, the 2014 edition of our lecture series is now underway.

This series of public talks aims not only to invite eminent specialists and business leaders in Montreal from an array of fields and industries, who are happy to share their expertise and practical know-how relating to business, finance, education, health, and more; but also to bring together individuals who want to learn and to improve themselves, so that they can communicate and work together, and so that everyone can benefit and grow from the experience.

In order for our lectures/discussions to have the greatest possible impact, this year, we've stepped up the preparations and publicity, so that those who are in need of information and guidance, and those who can provide it, can meet, learn from each other and collaborate to build a better future for themselves, thanks to the platform provided by Elite.

If you are interested in speaking at a lecture — to share your knowledge and experience, to promote your business — please contact: 514-303-8237, and send a detailed outline to: info@elitecollege.ca, after which an arrangement can be made.


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