From: Inda Duminica
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 5:49 PM
Subject: Thanks to Elite College!


I am the mother of Andrada Duminica, a student who attended the Summer Camp in view of the secondary entrance exams this summer on the South-Shore. I am writing to express our gratitude for your program.

Andrada wrote 3 entrance exams these past weeks:
1. Jean de la Mennais
2. Durocher
3. International School Lucille Teasdale
and was accepted everywhere with high grades. She has decided to go to the "enrichi" program at Jean de la Mennais.

Andrada has seen a great improvement over the course of the 4 weeks of camp she attended this summer. We are very thankful for the help and practice she received at your school, and wanted to share it with you.

Thanks again and happy continuation in helping other students!

Best regards,
Inda Duminica (mother of Andrada Duminica)

J' aimerais vous remercier pour la qualité de votre enseignement car ma fille Samantha Boucher a été accepté a l' école international de Montréal ! Bravo a votre équipe , job we'll done !

Michel Boucher Sent from my iPad   17 Novembre, 2013 10:02 

Dear Principal Zhao,

Hi, Happy New Year! This is Julia Lin's mother. Julia attended summer camp at Elite last year (2012) to prepare for the test to secondary school, and we are so glad she got a place in Jean-Eudes, thanks to the practice at the camp.

Lin Zhao Feb 15 2013

Good Morning, Principal Bradley Zhao

I want to thank all the teachers and you (and the personel working at Elite) for preparing my son to pass the Admission Exam. He passed the exams at College Brébeuf, Collège de Montreal, and we are awaiting the results from Collège Notre-Dame (the results will be published online on Monday after 4 pm).

We already took a decision and we've registered Javier at Collège de Montreal. We think this is the best choice for him.

At Elite College, Javier enjoyed himself and learned a lot, also he made friends. And maybe, he will see some of them again at school next year.

Thank you,
Have a nice day
Silvia Conde, Javier Pollak's mother

Mr. Zhao:

I just want to say that thanks to you Bernadette Ng is accepted into the enriched program of Jean de la Mennais. I know that we owe her success in large part to her studies at Elite College last year and during the summer session. I hope for equal success for her brother Nathan Hoi Kit next year.


Alfred Ng & Renee Chan

Bonjour Elite College,

C'est avec gratitude que je m'adresse à vous pour vous dire que mon fils Renato a réussi l'examen d'admission au secondaire du Collège Saint-Louis de Lachine.

Je vous remercie et je vous félicite pour la qualité de votre programme éducatif.

Cependant, mon fils Renato a participé aussi aux examens à l'école Sainte-Anne de Lachine et Jean de Brébeuf, mais sans succès. On m'a dit que les bulletins de notes (4e et 5e années) sont très importants pour réussir à ses examens. Et c'est vrai qu'il a commencé à avoir de bonnes qualifications à partir de la seconde moitié de la 5e année de primaire. On pense que chaque école détermine différents poids par rapport à l'évaluation des examens et des bulletins de notes.

Cela dit, on devrait préparer nos enfants dès la 3e primaire, au moins.

Merci de nouveau et bonne journée,
Renato Neyra

Mr. Zhao:

Today I reconfirmed that Longkun Chen was accepted into Regina, Jean-Eudes and Jean-de-Brébeuf. We would like to sincerely thank you, Principal Zhao and all the staff at Elite College, for your guidance and attention!

Many thanks to Mr Zhao and the teachers at Elite College for their hard work. Next Sunday, Longkun will continue to attend the English course. We wish Elite College to continue to be flourishing, to benefit more students!

Longkun’s family 2011.10.21

Hello, Mr. Zhao!

This is Sophie Hu's parents. Yesterday she took the test for Regina Assumpta, and we received the result this afternoon: Accepted!
We are so happy, because this is her favorite school.

Rejoicing, we realized that we should inform you of these good news. This weekend, she took three tests for different schools (the other two are Jean-Eudes and PSNM). She said that they were not difficult. She also said that the training at Elite College was very helpful. She didn’t feel nervous at all during the exams.

Thank you so much! It is really a great thing that you've established Elite College!
Changyuan Hu, Jingwei Liu Mon, 17 Oct 2011 13:24:37

Thank you Elite College!
In addition, I just got home and received a voice message. It was from Jean-Eudes, Sophie was accepted there too! We are very happy.
Changyuan Hu, Mon, 17 Oct 2011 18:11:49

What's more, just as expected, she was accepted by PSNM as well. We all feel so happy for her.
Now, the problem is how to choose a school. We will try our best to provide the information to her and leave her to make the decision. I hope this won't be too difficult to make.

Thank you again, Mr. Zhao and Elite College!
Changyuan Hu, Wed, 19 Oct 2011 16:23:58


Our family would like to sincerely thank the teaching at Elite College. Daochen Yuan lives up to Principal Zhao's urging and encouragement by being admitted into his favorite school, REGINA. He also received an admission letter from COLLEGE LAVAL earlier.


Wish you all the best for your future endeavors! (Note: Daochen Yuan entered into welcome class in Sep. 2010)


Hello, Mr. Zhao!

My daughter, Qiuge Yang, was admitted to Regina. Currently we are still waiting for the result from International School - Laval. Thank you to Elite College. Also thank you for taking the time to answer my phone calls and to provide enthusiastic encouragement.
Qiuge Yang's parent: Yanyu Zhang

* Hello, Mr. Zhao!
This is from Qiuge Yang's parent, Yanyu Zhang. Once again informing you of good news: my daughter also passed the exam for admission to Laval International School. Now we are at ease. Thanks again to Elite College for the helpful education! Thank you!
Yanyu Zhang

Hello, Mr. Zhao!
Weihang Hu has received an admission notice by phone call from Regina, Brebeuf and Jean-Eudes. We would like to thank Elite College for their helpful training. Wishing all students of Elite College to be admitted into their ideal schools. And wishing Elite College all the best. 
Hu / Zhang

** Mr. Zhao:
Monday afternoon we found out Xuehua Wang was admitted to Regina-Assumpta on the school website.
The whole family is very happy. Since Xuehua Wang has attended the courses organized by Elite College, she has made great progress in many aspects of life habits and study attitudes. This is inseparable from Mr. Zhao's attentive work and considerate care, as well as the hard work of the staff at Elite College. Not only children, but also parents like us have benefited from Mr. Zhao's guidance. Thank you!
Fang Du

Hello, Principal Zhao and teachers of Elite College,
This is from Xinlan's parents. We would like to sincerely thank you! Xinlan has been admitted to three schools: St-Anne, St-Louis, and St-Nom-de-Marie. In fact, we didn't feel any difficulty or pressure during her fifth to sixth grade. It's thanks to Elite College that she could achieve such good results.
Thanks again to Elite College for helpful instruction! And wishing Elite College all the best!
Xinlan Yu's parents 27. 10. 2011

** Hello, Principal Zhao:
This is from Yulu Liu's mother. This year, Yulu Liu has been admitted to three schools: Regina, Jean-Eudes and International school. Her achievements are inseparable from your encouragement. Thank you again!
Also, thanks to Elite College for providing this opportunity to children. We wish that Elite College continues to flourish to benefit more students!

Dear Mr. Zhao,
I am delighted to share the good news with you that Liu Daoheng, my son, has been accepted by three schools: Saint-Louis, Laval International school and Notre-Dame College.
We, the whole family, are so grateful for your contribution and efforts to the children's education. Also we are greatly appreciative of your high quality of teaching.
Thanks again!
Xiang Dong Liu Mon, 7 Nov 2011 08:17:49