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  • New classes of Sales Representative:
    January 9, 2018 Tuesday and Friday at 101 classroom in Downtown
    January 13, 2018 Saturday and Sunday

  • Tutoring Classes offered on weekends at our 3 campuses: Downtown, St-Laurent, South Shore.
    New semester will begin January 6/7, 2018
    You can register for your kids now.  
      Course Schedule
  • The 11th Winter Camp: Dec.26-29,2017; Jan. 2-5,2018, downtown campus; 9h-16h. Day care 7h30-18h. RL-24 will be issued for Tax return. French, math, english, sports, arts, activites, and more. Places limited!   Details
  • New classes for Grade 6
    Dates: Downtown and South Shore: Saturdays; St-Laurent: Sundays, Classes: French, Math, English


Vocational Training Programs  
-- offered by the English Montreal School Board

  • No tuition fee, classes in English, 4~5 months.
  • Qualified for Loan & Bursary, and ASP diploma from the Ministry of Quebec (MELS).
  • Tel: 514-303-8237 office, 514-862-1982 Madam Ma    Details

   EVENTS AT ELITE COLLEGE     (click the photos to view details)

Elite Day Camp: what the kids are doing: study & play End of semester awards




New registrations to join our classes are always welcome. Please see the schedules for our three campuses.     Course Schedules

  • Classes available to students in primary and secondary level
    • French courses: reading comprehension, grammar, writing skills;
    • Mathematics classes for competitions and improvement;
    • English classes for primary students with 4 levels and for secondary students with 8 levels;
    • Chinese language, fine arts, dance, etc.
  • All courses are offered by qualified and experienced teachers in order to meet the needs of students.
  • Classes are held in formal institutions whose classrooms are spacious and are equipped with multimedia devices.
  • Documents for French, Mathematics and Science are carefully selected and compiled by Elite College professors.
  • Documents for English class are selected from the best American educational material.
  • Textbooks for Chinese class are commonly used all across North America.
  • A day when parents can relax: on Saturdays, classes are available from 9 am to 5 pm, so parents can leave their kids at Elite the whole day. The students can enroll in our academic courses and our activities as well, such as Fine Arts, Dance, etc.
  • Parents at the Saint-Laurent Campus can participate in and enjoy fitness dance on Saturdays.