Elite College
-- A trusted children's tutoring
and adult vocational training school


Elite College

Founded in 2004 by Mr. Bradley Zhao (CV), who has more than 30 years of experience in scientific research, education and administration, Elite College is firstly a renowned tutoring school that provides various courses such as French, Mathematics, English, Science, Chinese, Arts and Dance for all levels of primary and secondary students. The school is specialized in preparing students to enter the best primary and secondary schools.

Since the foundation of the Adult Vocational Training department in 2011, we have achieved many outstanding accomplishments. In collaboration with the Elite Entrepreneurship Club, we have helped thousands of students from various communities. We work with School Boards and offer various types of vocational training and adult education courses. With the help of our specialized and professional teachers, and our staff's serious and arduous support, every month, about a hundred students improve their language, acquire new skills, obtain diplomas, and some of them successfully start their own business, becoming more productive members of society in Canada.

The Department of International Student Services was founded in 2009, and mainly provides services including recruiting internationals students, help with admission into primary, secondary schools and universities, as well as taking care of their housing through the Elite Student Dormitory service. In recent years, Elite College has cooperated with many local public and private schools. As a result of our good understanding of the education system in Quebec and Canada, and of the mutual trust between schools and us, we have successfully helped many international students to develop the best plans for their studies, and have guided them through the admission process into their schools of choice.

Indeed, Elite College is a comprehensive educational institution and enjoys an excellent reputation in Montreal. It has become a trusted children's tutoring and adult vocational training school.


Every year, more than 300 students are admitted by the best secondary schools, and many students have won prizes in various academic competitions. Elite students are truly remarkable. Most of them are admitted into all the schools where they participated in the examinations, thanks to the administration, the staff and the teachers, who provide diligent efforts to achieve good results. Students have been interviewed several times by local and Chinese media.


Elite College has a team of professional and outstanding teachers. Together with these dedicated and experienced teachers, Elite College ensures high quality education. The school is designed for students of all levels; it is committed to expanding their knowledge, to monitoring and controlling their homework, to providing them with all necessary learning tools and to helping them attain academic achievements. Elite teachers want students to be admitted into the best schools.


Elite College has 3 campuses to better serve the students. Both the downtown campus and the St-Laurent campus are close to the subway and highway exits. People who live on the South Shore can easily reach our South Shore campus.


Telephone numbers

514-303-8237 (Office) 

514-582-1068 (Chinese, French, English)

514-812-6555 (Chinese, English, French)

514-862-1982 (South Shore) 

514-815-7157 (Cantonese, English)


Website:  www.elitecollege.ca

Email:   info@elitecollege.ca