Achievements in Arts and Dance

Works from students in Elite's art classes
   Student artworks from fall 2013

   Fall 2013 - Artwork 1

   Fall 2013 - Artwork 2

   Student artworks from summer camp 2013

   Art exhibition (small images)

   Larger: Images1  Images2

   Photobook from summer camp 2013


   International art competition - A student from Elite is the
   only winner from Canada

   Winning art    Award

   Other submitted artworks from Elite

   Exhibition by Elite arts teacher Guo Jie and her students


   Student artworks 2013 - South Shore campus

   South Shore campus

   Student artworks from 2012

   Artwork 2012

   Student artworks from 2011

   Artwork 2011

   Artworks from summer camp 2011

   Summer camp 2011

   2011 Dragon boat racing art competition

   Dragon boat 2011    

   2010 Dragon boat racing art competition

   Dragon boat 2010    

   Arts and Crafts exhibition 2009


   Student artworks from 2007


   Student artworks from 2005

   Artwork 2005

Performances by students in Elite's dance classes
   2013 Elite Summer Camp Show

   Dances (YouTube)

   2012 Elite Summer Camp Show

   Dances (YouTube)

   2011 Dance classes

   Dance class (YouTube)

   2008 Dance Show

   2008 Dance

Emily Luo, 8 years old - "Spring fun", at the Kanagawa Biennial World Children's Art Exhibition & Painting Competition.
A total of 24,008 works in competition from 91 countries across the world. 391 won a selected prize.